Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome Back

I have to say, one of the best things about my day is return guests. This is not being cheesy or fake at all.

As you by now know, I frequently work the pm shift. That means that I mostly see guests as they are coming into my hotel. Quite commonly, they are tired and just want to crawl into bed. I cant really blame them for that. It's rather nice though because I can take a few seconds to end their day well, make them laugh, or just make it short and sweet.

Yesterday I had 3 of my most frequent guest's show up. One was..we'll call him John. He's a nice father type who comes from Cali. He's always showing me pictures of his kid. I think he enjoys having someone to chat with from time to time.
Then we have.. we'll call her Suzanne. She comes in, stays for a week at a time, and stops by my desk to chat for about 20 minutes a night. She cracks me up, really sweet and just loves getting to know everyone.
Finally we have.. Scott. He comes in, hands me his ID every time, although he knows that I know exactly who he is by now. For the most part he's quiet and just wants to his room.

It's great when you have frequent guests, because even though we keep our professional demeanor.. they become a long distance friend in a way.

That being said, it's always sad when one doesn't come back.

A few weeks ago, we found out that one of our guests had passed away. He was a great man, and was always extremely friendly to everyone. He was one of the few guests that never needed to tip the bellmen (if he did I'm not sure) but we all loved him the same. For the sake of anonymity, I wont say how or when he died, but it was a sad thing to know he's gone. We will miss him.

Sorry to keep this one short, but it's been a quiet day.

Sincerely yours,

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