Monday, November 9, 2009

Money, Money, Money

I cant count how many times I have been upsetted because I felt a company was trying their best to steal every little dime I had. Really, anyone who pays their own bills probably has felt this way too. But sometimes.. and I mean this seriously.. sometimes we are not trying to screw you over.

Today's example..
A gentleman called me this afternoon explaining that he was due to stay with us tomorrow night, and that he would in fact be in San Francisco instead. His room and tax (aka R&T) was already pre-paid because of the discounted rate he was receiving. We, as a company, provide this deal from time to time. It's just the same as if you purchase a plain ticket. You pay a little bit more in order to cancel your ticket/reservation.
He went on to explain to me that he was "giving your hotel a chance" since he was a dedicated member at another hotel chain.
Jaded as I am, I always feel insulted by this. My company has been around for many many years and has no problem keeping up with the Jones, so don't threaten me by taking your business elsewhere.

He wanted me to cancel tomorrow's stay, place the funds on hold (since we obviously would not refund it to him... sorry, that's the deal) for him until a time when he felt he could come to stay with us. I explained this was not possible and got in a little bit of an argument with him in regards to this.

So to make a long story short, I moved out his reservation by one week, explaining it could not happen again.

What I am asking you to take from this story is this...
Don't threaten a company by "taking my business elsewhere" or insult a service rep by claiming something that is obviously false. If I let every one go in and out for free.. guess who would not have a paycheck.

Cynically Yours,

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