Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Monday.... again...

Yea, remember that whole "it's my Friday & Monday!" thing?

Today is one of those days.

It's Saturday, I'm gearing up to hang out with some friends... and at 11pm tonight I will be clocking in for an overnight shift (fyi, that's 11:00pm - 7 or 8am). The best part is, this is the only shift I have to work until Tuesday. The worst part? I got 3 hours of sleep last night.

Along with a high tolerance for stupidity, grace, intelligence, and patience abounding.. Front desk agents are also skilled in.. Insomnia.

I change shifts pretty frequently, although lately that has not been the case so much, and all it does is create a minor addiction to sleeping pills and a love for Netflix instant play. (I cant tell you how many random documentaries I've watched since starting this job)

Now, no worries on the sleeping pills part. I only take Melatonin which is a natural supplement, but even then.. I cant seem to sleep without some aid. Work out plans are in order.

Anyways. Back to the random shifts. You might ask.. "Moon, Why in the world are you working an overnight shift in the middle of your weekend? Are you mad??" and I would say this. No I'm not crazy. One of our night auditors actually wanted to have a life...


This person is getting to see friends, which is a pretty rare occurrence for night auditors since they are so far off the normal schedule. I cant say I'm upset about sitting in for their shift.. I'm just upset at the loss of sleep. And no possibility of a nap either...

So.. off to start my day I go.

Cynically Yours,

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