Friday, November 6, 2009

"My Friday"

How often have you heard the phrase "Today is my Friday"??

It's not too common place for those who work a 9-5 Monday through Friday shift. But walk into the hallways of a hotel, and it is the happiest of phrases to be heard. We jeer each other with it. We sympathize with it. We even come up with weird concoctions like "It's my Monday and my Friday" (fyi, that means split days off, with one day between. The WORST)
In the hotel world, no one remembers that it's the first of the month, or that it's "Hump day". Those time phrases don't exist.

Enter the weekend.

For those that sit in an administrative role of the hotel, Saturday & Sunday are cherished. For those of us who sit lower on the totem pole, Friday & Saturday are the same as any other day, except worse traffic and more drunk people.

Today is my weekend. Yea, it's a shock. I actually have a Friday/Saturday off, and it's rather enjoyable. What do I do? Sleep.. yea that's right. Sleep. I woke up at 2:15pm today. For anyone who normally works the am shift (fyi, that's 7am - 3:30pm) they would be laughing and getting chores done by now. But me? I work the pm shift (3pm - 11:30pm) and that means waking up as early as 11am, and rolling out the chores around 5-6pm before heading out to meet with friends (if we're so lucky).

So.. today's my Saturday.. and guess what. I'm writing about work. ;)

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